Billy Goat Entertainment announce Supermarket Shriek’s PS4 release date

Billy Goat Entertainment and PQube have announced the release date for Supermarket Shriek. Developed with funding from Northern Ireland Screen, the game will be available to play on PS4 from Friday 23rd October 2020.

Supermarket Shriek is a unique and humorous co-operative experience in which players assume the role of a man and his screaming goat positioned in a shopping cart. Players ‘shriek’ to steer their cart around a series of stores, racing to the checkout while collecting groceries, solving riddles, and occasionally avoiding large swinging axes, spike traps and/or fire pits.

The title, which was first made available on Xbox One last year, has both solo and co-op modes, along with more than 50 customisation options for your character. There is a total of 38 obstacle courses, along with time challenge collectable hunts!


Inertial Drift from Level 91 Entertainment released today

Today is the official release of Inertial Drift, the arcade racer game from Northern Ireland indie developer Level 91 Entertainment. Developed with funding from Northern Ireland Screen and published by PQube, the game is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in both digital and physical formats.

Set in a 90’s retro future, Inertial Drift is an arcade racer with a unique handling model and twin-stick drift mechanics.

The game offers a whole new level of accessibility and challenge to the arcade racing genre – for a driving experience unlike anything a user has played before.

Features include a single player story mode, local and online multiplayer mode, 20 race tracks, and 16 vehicles, all with different racing techniques and styles.

For more information or to purchase visit Inertial Drift on Steam here.