Meet the Teams (old)

The Pixel Mill

A collaborative co-working space in the Ormeau Baths Innovation Centre for game development teams from across Northern Ireland. Offering a ground-breaking incubation programme for UK and Ireland with industry mentorship, access to funding and links to local Universities. The Pixel Mill will also serve a larger role as a gaming community meeting place and a platform for local gaming initiatives. The Pixel Mill is funded by Northern Ireland Screen with support from the Department for the Economy.

Blackstaff Games

Blackstaff Games is a Belfast based studio working across animation, interactive and games content. Having developed both Children’s Bafta and Develop nominated projects, the studio focuses on creating exciting new experiences through relatable characters and vibrant worlds.

Their newest project Buildings Have Feelings Too! draws inspiration from Belfast city and its rich history.


Brain and Nerd

Brain and Nerd is a small studio that makes big games, developing original PC games with a focus on solid core game mechanics, emergent gameplay, and procedural content. The independent company was the first Irish game studio to be successful on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter with its first title, sci-fi 4X game Predestination, and is now starting development on its second ambitious project. Brain and Nerd actively engages customers in the development process and supports the emerging game development industry and STEM education whenever possible in Northern Ireland.


Capstone Games

Capstone Games Limited is a start-up games development studio based in the UK. We are comprised of talented, award winning games designers from both the UK and Ireland who have worked on large team projects developing apps, games & VR experiences.


Northern Softworks

Northern Softworks was established in 2017 by Michael O’Kane and Tom Mathews. Our goal is to create games that feel new, yet familiar; accessible to all but with depth for those who look for it. Our games focus on feel and style over accuracy and realism. This is achieved through an emphasis on intuitive controls, tailored animation and responsive systems.

Northern Softworks’ first title Inertial Drift is a fast paced arcade racing game for fans of retro arcade racers.


Whitepot Studios

We’re a kickass Belfast-based games development studio founded in 2016. We have created games for Android, iOS, and PC using both HTML5 and Unity, building our portfolio and creating a variety of games for clients and bespoke use cases.


Rocket Flair Studios

Rocket Flair Studios Ltd aims to be a market leader in city building and management games. We bring with us years of experience, a deep passion for the genre and a vision to create games that our customers will enjoy so ensuring that we create a dedicated following around our company and games.

Cupboard Games

Cupboard Games was assembled in 2015 and create unique interactive experiences in collaboration with a wide range of people from the likes of astronauts to zebra fish researchers.

Cupboard Games uses collaboration, discovery and fun, to explore the potential of games.


Matero Games

Matero Games is a young, energetic and passionate video game development studio based in County Down, Northern Ireland. Our company motto is “Creative, Inspired Thinking”. We strive to be known for our bright ideas, clever solutions, and highly original products.