Boost – Video Game Business Bootcamp

Boost – Video Game Business Bootcamp

Posted on: 10-07-2020

Boost is a support programme designed for Northern Ireland video game studios who are seeking to secure significant funding or investment for their company/next project. This programme is targeted at studios at early stage of development, either with a working prototype or at a minimum a Game Design Doc/Company Pitch deck.

Boost is a 3-month programme for up to 5 companies where they will be provided executive coaching to develop the commercial potential of their projects and companies. Boost will put companies through a programme of development were every aspect of their game/studio will be tested and challenged to improve its commercial potential and viability.

For each studio selected, coaching efforts will be focused on the following key areas:

  • Commercial viability of project
  • Marketing and community development strategy
  • Studio scaffolding and vision setting
  • Fundraising timeline and project vs studio funding determination
  • Pitch deck refinement
  • Event/MeetToMatch approach planning
  • Introductions to publishers, investors, and platforms (if/as appropriate)

As part of the programme there will also be a series of webinars which will be open any studio within Northern Ireland focused on:

  • Funding models and fundraising strategy – 3pm, Friday 7th August
  • Pitching and pitch construction – 3pm, Monday 10th August
  • Design for discoverability and community planning – 3pm, Wednesday 12th August

Companies selected for Boost will be expected to attend are three webinars.

Companies interested in taking part in the programme should complete the following application submitting a video of their game (if they have one) and/or a pitch deck. Click HERE for the application.

Deadline for applications is 12noon Friday 24th July.

If companies have any question please contact Rory Clifford, Interactive Manager –


Who is Boost for?

Boost is open to any company that is aiming to raise £250,000+ in investment/funding for their project or studio. We are open to start-ups and established studios. However, it is expected that companies interested in pitching to publishers/investors have a working prototype/vertical slice of their game.

Companies at an earlier stage will receive coaching and support to refine their company/project pitches.

Criteria for Selection?

Studios will be selected based on their stage of development (ideally with at least a playable prototype), and perceived commercial potential and suitability to be introduced to potential partners.

Is there development funding?

No, Boost aims to work with companies with an idea already developed. Support is in the form of individual executive coaching and webinars.

Who will be delivering the workshops and 1-on-1’s?

Workshops and 1-on-1’s will be delivered by Jason Della Rocca. He specialises in business development, pitching/funding, and has worked with indie studios from all over the world. As the co-founder of Executions Labs, he was a hands-on early stage investor to 25 independent game studios from North America and Europe. Jason also hosts the annual Pitch competition at GDC.

What do companies need to submit?

Companies applying to Boost will need to submit the online application form, including a pitch deck and gameplay video.

The pitch deck can be provided in PDF or PPT, or equivalent format. The video should be linked to Youtube, Vimeo (optionally with password), or hosted on your own cloud folder.

What will the executive coaching involve?

This will form a series of webinars and individual company 1-on-1’s with experienced industry professionals that will cover investor/publisher readiness, game design, production planning and marketing.

How will this be delivered?

Webinars and 1-on-1’s will be delivered remotely via Zoom, with email follow-up and share documents, as appropriate.