European Games Co-production Market call for applications

European Games Co-production Market call for applications

Posted on: 10-03-2022

Are you struggling with the completion of your financing? Do you need a specific expertise? Do you want to access European talents? Do you want to have a better international exposure? Or on the contrary, do you have the resources to co-develop a project with a foreign partner?

The European Games Co-production Market is a programme powered by SpielFabrique, aimed at bringing studios from all over Europe to develop and finance indie games together. The programme lasts 6 months (June – November) and finds a co-producer for your game, defines your common strategy and pitch to publishers and financiers.

The market is supported by Creative Europe and is composed of several milestones’ events and activities:

  • Admission of the studios (1st March to 4th April)
  • Mentoring preparation for the matchmaking days (April – May)
  • Online matchmaking days (June – July)
  • Offline mentoring event for coproduction teams to prepare the coproduction market with different experts (September)
  • Online Coproduction Market. Presentations and panels of experts. Pitching sessions of the coproduction teams and online private meetings with publishers and financiers (October)

Who can apply?

The European Games Co-production Market is looking for studios from France, Germany, Spain, Belgium (Flanders & Wallonia), Croatia, Denmark, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway and Tunisia!

Either you are a small indie game studio with a video game prototype looking for a partner to support you on your project, bringing financing and/or specific expertise. In this case you need a project pitch for the market, with at least a prototype to present. The studio has to be already established.

Or you are small/medium indie game studios looking for a project to co-produce. You need to be an established studio and you must pitch what kind of support you can provide and what kind of project you can work on, how you can help another studio with your experiences and knowledges.

Click HERE to apply.

Deadline: Monday 4th April

Northern Ireland Screen will be holding an information session on the programme on Thursday 24th March at 10:30am for any Northern Ireland studio that would be interested in finding out more. Contact Rory at if you would like to attend, in-person or virtually.

The European coproduction market is supported by Arte, Creative Europe and all the countries listed above.