Global Game Jam 2020 to take place at Farset Labs

Global Game Jam 2020 to take place at Farset Labs

Posted on: 07-01-2020

Farset Labs will be hosting the Belfast site of the international hackathon Global Game Jam for its 8th year, with support from Northern Ireland Screen.

The Game Jam will run from Friday 31st January to Sunday 2nd February 2020, and is a great chance to meet people from the local games industry while making interesting games and experiences in a weekend.

Global Games Jam is a global simultaneous hackathon making games of all sorts, from full-scale console productions to mobile, web-based and embedded games, as well as table-top board and card-games. Some will be just for fun, others for charitable causes such as ‘Games For Change’, and none of them exist before this weekend!

The first Global Game Jam was run in 2009, and this year Northern Ireland’s Farset Labs joins over 100 other countries taking part for 2020. Some of Northern Ireland’s most notable games projects such as Supermarket Shriek and Paelo Pines were born out of previous Game Jams.

There will be live streaming video from sites all over the world during the weekend, and there will also be an opportunity to see and play other teams’ games at the end of the event.

There is no required skill level to take part – programmers, artists, musicians and enthusiasts are all welcome and are asked to bring whatever tools or experience they need to create games.

Registration is £6 per person which will reserve your seat for the weekend as well as providing you with catered meals for the full weekend and unique Global Game Jam Belfast goodies.

To register directly for the event click HERE.

More details and tips on the event and venue can be found HERE.