Introducing the first ever Jamfuser

Introducing the first ever Jamfuser

Posted on: 14-01-2019

Jamfuser is a game jam that feeds into Tranzfuser (a UK wide talent development programme for graduates looking to break in to the video games development industry). Northern Ireland Screen acts as a regional hub for Tranzfuser in Northern Ireland, offering an inspirational central space and focal point for Tranzfuser teams to locate in or meet periodically whilst working elsewhere; providing a dynamic learning environment that cultivates this diverse community, acting as a hot house for innovative games IP development and resulting in high level of achievement over a short period of time.

  Jamfuser will

  • Support team self-selection opportunities, encouraging mixed institute/more diverse teams
  • Enable teams to work together in a free form environment with a shared goal, that encourages skills development and fosters positive team relationships
  • Gives teams the opportunity to test and explore their game idea in a short development cycle
  • Share information regarding the Tranzfuser 2019 application process and criteria for selection
  • Provide further support with the promotion of Tranzfuser
  • Develop the Tranzfuser community
  • Engage Tranzfuser Alumni to act as mentors during the jam

Jamfuser is ” just for fun”. So as such there is no physical or cash prizes for taking part and ‘winners’ will not be selected.  Your prize is your product.  There is, however, a community voting system in place and all Jamfuser teams can vote for their ‘favourite’ game(s) based on the Jamfuser criteria (see below).   Each team is encouraged to use the final votes on their game as early feedback on their project, making adjustments where necessary.

So to sum it all up…  If you’re thinking of applying to Tranzfuser 2019, Jamfuser is a fantastic opportunity to start exploring your team’s dynamics, honing your technical skills and being creative.

  Who can participate?

  • Team members should be undergraduate / masters or post graduates who have or will graduate between 2017-2019
  • Team size between 4-6 people
  • Teams with a residential address in the UK
  • Team who have submitted their Jamfuser Team Registration Form

All teams wishing to participate on Jamfuser are required to fill in the Jamfuser Team Registration Form (see link below).  This will ensure that:

  • Your team is included in all communications from the Jamfuser organiser (this includes gaining access to our Jamfuser 2019 Discord Channel)
  • Your team is assigned a mentor
  • Where possible, your team is connected with one of the participating Local Hubs.

Should your team wish to vote on the Jamfuser theme please ensure you have submitted this form by Friday 1st March 2019.  Following this, guidance on how to vote on the theme will then be emailed.

The FINAL DATE for teams to submit their Teams Registration Form is Tuesday 5th March 2019 (your team will be unable to vote on the theme at the point).

Link to Jamfuser Registration Form

Further information on Jamfuser can be found here.