The Pixel Mill mentors

The Pixel Mill mentors

Posted on: 14-03-2022

We are looking for experienced freelancers from the video game industry to provide mentoring services at our collaborative co-working space for game developers, The Pixel Mill. The role will involve meeting with gaming companies and freelancers in receipt of support from Northern Ireland Screen.

The freelance mentors must have a particular insight into their area of expertise and be able to provide clear and informed advice to companies and freelancers.

The areas of video game development that we require mentors in are:

  • Production – Providing advice on how to prepare production schedules and budgets, the day-to-day management of a production and the overall role of a producer within video game development. Mentor should provide guidance on preparing projects for releases on different platforms and their certification processes.
  • Marketing – Providing advice on marketing and community management strategy for a video game. Mentor should be able to provide guidance on the different approaches to video game marketing, for example social media, PR etc.
  • Publishing/Business – Providing advice on preparing projects to be pitched and best practice for presenting projects to secure publishing deals or work-for-hire contracts. Mentor should be able to provide advice on the publishing market and trends within the market. Experience in business development within video games.
  • Design – Providing advice on how to improve the design and experience of a video game. Mentor should provide guidance on best practice for game design across different platforms, PC/Console and mobile. Experience can cover game design, level design and narrative design.
  • Art – Providing advice on creating art assets within video game development. Mentor should be able to provide guidance on the art development process of a project from concept through to asset creation and best practice for improving workflows as well as guiding art direction for a project. Experience can be either in 2D or 3D art, character or environmental
  • Programming – Providing advice on the technical development of a video game. Providing guidance on best practice for code structure and best tools/plugins for improving workflows. Experience of Unreal or Unity as well as porting games to different platforms.
  • UX/UI – Providing advice on the design of user interface and user experience for video games. Providing guidance for best practice in UX/UI. Experience in PC/Console or mobile video games development.
  • Legal – Providing advice on publishing contracts and work for hire projects within the video game industry. Providing guidance for best practice on implementing legal processes for an SME within the video game industry.
  • Accounting – Providing advice on best practice on implementing financial processes for an SME within the video game industry.
  • User Testing – Providing user testing for video games video games at a prototype stage. Providing guidance on implementing internal user testing for a SME within the video game industry.


Individuals who wish to be considered for inclusion on our freelance mentor list must be able to demonstrate the following minimum professional criteria:

  • Have a relevant qualification for the area of expertise applied, for example accountancy, be a member of a recognised accountancy body
  • Have a minimum of 12 consecutive months experience in video game development in the area of expertise applied for
  • Have a minimum of 12 consecutive months experience of providing advice or guidance to companies, freelancers or teams working within the video game development
  • Evidence an excellent knowledge of the video game development industry in the UK and Ireland as well as a good knowledge


Individuals, in support of the above criteria, must submit a CV with two references regarding this area of work and a cover letter outlining their relevant experience to the area applied for.

Please send these documents and the daily rate for providing mentoring advice to

Please note applicants should only forward their interest to this email address or by post to:

Northern Ireland Screen
Alfred House
21 Alfred Street

Individuals will be classed as supplier to Northern Ireland Screen and will be liable for their own HMRC and VAT payments.

You will be asked to attend an interview if your application is successful.

All candidates will be required to undergo Access NI.

Closing date is Friday 1st April at 12 noon.


It is anticipated that:

  • Subject to the continuing availability of funding this framework will be live for a maximum of 24 months.
  • Mentors may provide up to 12 days of support across the 24 months, however, it should be noted that Northern Ireland Screen cannot guarantee a level of work.
  • Service provision will commence in April 2022.


Individuals applying must not make assumptions that Northern Ireland Screen has prior knowledge of them or their service provision and they will only be evaluated on the information provided in their response.


The service provider must confirm that they have no conflict of interest or perceived conflict of interest in delivering this service.

The successful service provider must not allow themselves to be placed in a position where their personal interests are in conflict (or could be in conflict) with the interests or business of Northern Ireland Screen.


Payment will be made following receipt and approval by Northern Ireland Screen of a detailed invoice.