The Pixel Mill offers co-working desk space for companies and freelancers working within Northern Ireland’s interactive sector. Companies and/or freelancers can use The Pixel Mill for short periods of time depending on availability of space.

Desk Space is split into:

  • Semi-Permanent – for Platform companies. For more information regarding Platform please click here.
  • Short-Term – for non-Platform companies that are currently in development that require short-term desk space. This will be done on an ad-hoc/first come first serve basis.
  • Hot Desking – space for producers/freelancers between projects to work from on an ad-hoc/first come first serve basis.

Please note that there is no guarantee of funding for companies using The Pixel Mill in this capacity. Companies will have to apply for funding via the normal application process.

For further information about access to desk space please contact Rory Clifford, Interactive Manager. Queries will be dealt with on a rolling basis and is again dependent on space available in The Pixel Mill.

Current Residents:

Previous Residents: