Animotive Shorts Scheme

Animotive Shorts Scheme

Posted on: 25-08-2021

We have launched an animation/VR pitching competition for entry level filmmakers currently working in the animation and interactive sector.

The competition will run in association with Retinize, the Belfast based immersive tech studio. The studio has developed and created Animotive, an innovative VR SaaS product set to disrupt the 3D animation production pipeline, making it completely intuitive.

Animotive is a professional 3D animation production tool that harnesses the power of off-the-shelf VR headsets, allowing users to create 3D animated content for any medium at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional workflows.

Users can use their own 3D assets, and scenes can be exported in real-time for film, TV, video, games, and VR/AR. Animotive can deliver huge real-world savings when compared with traditional 3D animation production workflows.

More information can be found on Animotive here.

We will be hosting a series of sessions as part of the pitching process. The sessions will take place over a block of four sessions in October 2021. Dates for the sessions will be confirmed with the participants on successful selection. A maximum of five applicants will be selected to participate in the seminar series.

Week 1

Applicants will have a demo of Animotive by Retinize.

Week 2

An animation producer will deliver a session on the pitching process for animation projects.

Week 3

Applicants will pitch their idea to a panel including a representative from Retinize, a locally based animation studio producer and our Interactive Manager, Rory Clifford.

Week 4

Applicants will receive feedback on their pitches and the winning pitch will be announced.

The winning pitch will receive a funding award of £7,500 to create a 3–5-minute short film using the Animotive tool. Retinize will be the facilitating production company for the selected short film.

This is an entry-level scheme. Eligible applicants will currently be working in a junior capacity on a freelance basis with either a local animation or interactive studio.

Applicants are asked to consider the feasibility of their project at application stage in relation to production logistics. Applicants should be mindful of the number of characters being featured and bespoke locations being used in their proposal.

The successful applicants will also be mentored by John Stevenson, director of KUNG FU PANDA during the programme.

To register your interest in taking part in the competition process, please email a summary of your pitch proposal (maximum 1 page) and your CV to by Friday 17th September at 5pm.