Jamfuser 2020 registration now open

Jamfuser 2020 registration now open

Posted on: 03-02-2020

Welcome to Jamfuser 2020!

Jamfuser is a game jam that feeds into Tranzfuser (a UK-wide talent development programme for graduates looking to break into the video games development industry).

Jamfuser will:

  • Support team self-selection opportunities, encouraging mixed institute/more diverse teams
  • Enable teams to work together in a freeform environment with a shared goal, that encourages skills development and fosters positive team relationships
  • Give teams the opportunity to test and explore their game idea in a short development cycle
  • Share information regarding the Tranzfuser 2020 application process and criteria for selection
  • Develop the Tranzfuser community
  • Engage Tranzfuser Alumni

Jamfuser is “just for fun”, so as such there are no physical or cash prizes for taking part and there won’t be any official ‘winners’. Your prize is your product.  There is, however, a rating system on itch.io and all Jamfuser teams who submit their project on the Jamfuser itch.io page will have their games reviewed and rated by an external team of Judges – so consider this your first industry reviewed piece of work!

If you’re thinking of applying to Tranzfuser 2020, Jamfuser is a fantastic opportunity to start exploring your team’s dynamics, start honing your technical skills and start getting creative.

Who can participate?

  • Team members should be currently studying on an undergraduate/masters or post-graduate degree course
  • Team size between 2-6 people
  • Teams with a residential address in the UK
  • Team who have submitted their Jamfuser Team Registration Form

The deadline for teams to submit their Team Registration Form is 12pm Thursday 27th February 2020.

If you are interested in taking part in Jamfuser 2020, please email our Interactive Manager Rory Clifford, who will help you with the registration process.

There will be an information session at The Pixel Mill on Friday 14th February at 1.30pm for anyone interested in Jamfuser. You can come as teams already formed or individuals who are interested in joining a team.

For more information on Jamfuser 2020 click HERE.

Jamfuser will take place in The Pixel Mill from Friday 28th February – Monday 2nd March 2020.