Surroundscapes – The Power of Immersive Sound

Surroundscapes – The Power of Immersive Sound

Posted on: 06-09-2019

Digital Catapult NI’s Surroundscapes event is an opportunity to explore the importance of sound within immersive experiences, to learn from industry experts, and to hear from and experience immersive content from the showcase companies.

Sound is an integral part of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) experiences. Imagine the abrupt slamming of a door, the impending doom of an object coming towards you, or simply the way we naturally turn towards a sound in a dark corner. All of these sounds need to be seamlessly integrated into a VR, AR and MR experience.

This event will be showcasing companies across the UK currently creating tools and content that demonstrate the power of sound in immersive experiences and you will have a chance to experience their groundbreaking content. Companies include;

  •  Volta and their VR spatial audio production platform;
  • Darkfield who specialise in creating communal location-based immersive experiences inside shipping containers;
  • Multi award winning immersive sound specialists 1618digital; and
  • ZoneMe: ZONEME’s TRUE2LIFE™ object-based sound system provides a new way to control how audiences hear things by placing the sound at the point of origination.

There will also be input from NI speakers including the latest research in immersive sound production techniques from Ulster University and QUB’s Sonic Arts Research Centre .

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