The Pixel Mill Trainee Programmers 2022

The Pixel Mill Trainee Programmers 2022 is an industry-led new entrant paid training programme (RLW) that seeks to find and develop the best new and emerging talent within the video game and immersive industries, providing them with training and live project experience.

The Pixel Mill Trainee Programme is split into two parts:

  • Bootcamp: A 4-month development programme for 6 participants, where they will receive Unity training as a programmer, workshops on different aspects of game development, as well as working together to create, develop and publish 2 short video games over 8 weeks.
  • Trainee Positions: After completing the Bootcamp, participants will have the opportunity to interview for the 3 trainee positions. Those who receive a trainee position will be placed with video game and immersive studios within Northern Ireland. During the programme, participants will be moved between studios so that they can maximise the experience of working on live projects and different workflows. Companies may be based in The Pixel Mill itself or at their own premises. Those who do not receive a trainee position will receive further support.

The aim of the programme is to find motivated people from across all interactive content disciplines that have programming skills. Individuals applying should come from a software development background, but no specific academic qualifications are needed. However, you should be able to demonstrate your ability and knowledge through professional experience or personal projects. More importantly, we want people who can bring passion for making interactive content, be that video games or immersive, and have strong problem-solving skills.

Deadline for applications is 12 Noon on Friday 21st October.

For more information and to apply, please CLICK HERE.

Business Development Workshop

The Pixel Mill is hosting a Biz Dev for Indies workshop on Thursday 20th October from 2pm-4pm with Chris Filip. The workshop will be held remotely, however participants are welcome to join at The Pixel Mill.

The workshop will cover approaching business development for new and existing game development studios. From attending trade shows and online events to etiquette when having publisher meetings, this workshop will blend information and interactivity. Bring your questions, and keep in mind we’re all looking to learn so your experiences and ideas will be very useful! Chris is one of the business mentors at The Pixel Mill, with previous experience working as a Game Designer and Producer, as well as helping run the Tentacle Zone and Game Anglia. He currently works with Creative UK, managing their games business support and funding programmes.

The workshop is free to attend but these will be limited space to attend in person at The Pixel Mill. If you are interested in attending the workshop please email